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Lemon and Ginger Tea
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Detox Nourishing Crockpot Vegetable Soup

1. Make Bone Broth or Veggie Soup. Try this Cold & Flu Nourishing Crockpot Soup recipe to help gently nourish your immune system back to health. While you’re feeling under the weather, it’s very important to eat light and get nutrient dense ingredients into your body. This ensures you’re well-nourished so your digestive system can rest and focus on healing.

Gaia Herbs Elderberry Syrup

2. Elderberry Syrup is made from elderberries which contain trace minerals, vitamins and powerful anti-inflammatory compounds known to support the respiratory system and ease sore throats. You can usually find an elderberry syrup at a local health food store or go to Amazon and grab this Elderberry Syrup from Gaia Herbs.

Ginger Tea for Cold Flu

Gaia Herbs Turmeric Capsules

3. Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric are all protective foods for the immune system acting as natural antibiotics and anti-inflammatory compounds. You can crush a small piece of each into a soup recipe, or make a ginger, turmeric tea by boiling the roots in water on the stove top. If you’re seeking a quick and sustainable way to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation and have healthier looking skin consistently, you could try these Liquid Turmeric Capsules by Gaia Herbs.

Flu Cold Busters Oranges

4. Vitamin C is by far one of the most important components of immune-system strengthening and recovery. It protects against aging, helps fight off disease and has even been show to support mood. Oranges and Camu Camu Berry are both high sources of Vitamin C, but you’d have to consume a lot to get a proper dose, and orange juice often contains super high amounts of sugar. Supplementing is a smart choice, through you can easily waste money supplementing with Vitamin C if you aren’t taking it in the optimal form. Over half of what you consume in pill or capsule form may be passed through your body as waste.

Lypo Spheric Vitamin C

That’s where Lypo-spheric Vitamin C  comes in, specifically designed using liposomes to maximize absorption. These Lypo-Speheric Vitamin C packets are a good source, and this particular brand is free of colouring agents and other harmful additives that can be commonly found in other supplements.

5. Zinc helps your cells fight off any bad bacteria that may build up in your system during a cold & flu. Some research has shown symptoms may improve within just 24 hours of supplementing with zinc. You can usually find zinc tablets in stores, or purchase a liquid mineral supplement on Amazon. Zinc supplementation isn’t just for when you’re feeling sick – it’s also used to support adrenal fatigue symptoms, weight loss, hair loss and to treat acne. Be mindful that zinc can cause an upset tummy, so take it with food and start low and slow.

20 Ways to use ACV

6. Apple Cider Vinegar has dozens, if not hundreds of uses! One thing it’s really good for is helping to cleanse and detoxify your system by supporting your liver. When you’re sick, boosting your bodies natural detox abilities is helpful to flush out your system and get well. Here’s 20 More Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar.

Face Steam for Cold Flu

7. Essential oils in a face-steam bath can be heavenly when you’re all stuffed up and uncomfortable. Try a drop or two of eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil in a pot of hot water, and be sure the steam is tolerable before you move your face into the bowl. When it’s safe, you can position your face over the bowl and drape a towel around your head and neck to trap the steam in. Breathe deeply – this is not only a gift to your lungs, but also helps open and cleanse your pores too!

8. Removing white foods from your diet is one of the general principles of Clean Eating, however when you’re sick it’s even more important not to sneak any foods that are empty nutritionally because it takes your body more energy to process these foods that would be much better spent on immune system recovery. When you Eat Clean, your body is able to recover from sickness much faster.

Hot Detox Bath recipe for Cold Flu

9. Take a warm detox bath – this is major self-care gem! Add Epsom salts to your bath or try this incredibly soothing Breathe Bath Salt mixture, combining clove, spearmint, lavender and vitamin c to help open up your sinuses, airways and strengthen your immune system.Breathe Bath Salts on Amazon

10. Drink warm water with lemon. While you’re sick with a cold or flu, avoid cold food and drinks more often than not, and sip warm water with lemon to help boost your immunity with Vitamin C, while hydrating your cells and allowing your body to flush out toxins and waste. Dehydration prevents your body for naturally flushing, so be sure to hydrate even when it’s challenging.

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