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8May, 16

For most people, finding the best clean eating items in the grocery is as simple as following a shopping list. But, cooking can be another challenge altogether. If you’re eating clean, it is important to know how to benefit most from your fresh produce and pantry goodies by using healthy cooking methods. You’ll be surprised – more »

23Apr, 16

Sugar, in all its forms, is not an illegal drug. But, you can definitely consider refined and processed sugar ‘toxic’ to a certain degree. Think about it: When you don’t get your dose of sugar in a day, you feel anxious and uncomfortable. Your energy level hits rock­bottom when you don’t get your ‘required dose’. It makes you more »

25Mar, 16

Health food enthusiasts rave about its amazing properties. It has carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Honey offers such a wide variety of benefits that it’s been dubbed as ‘liquid gold’ – a salute to its color and the many treasures it holds as a health food. Here’s a quick list of why honey should more »

18Mar, 16

We are always in search of something that will improve our health and well-being. It can be something we can do, somewhere we can go to, something we can apply or put on, or better yet, something we can eat. Among the many natural options that has seen a ‘revival’ in health circles nowadays is more »

3Mar, 16

We’ve always thought of adding lemon to water just as a way of giving it a refreshing twist. And while it does make your usual glass of water an extra enjoyable drink, there’s more to it than just the zesty flavor! Here are five of the best reasons why more and more people are catching more »

25Feb, 16

You may have heard about this ‘wonder liquid’ before, and all the benefits it offers may seem too good to be true. Well the truth is, it really is worth all the fanfare! Here are its most common benefits that fitness enthusiasts, health buffs, and everyday people have come to love:  1. It can help more »

26Jan, 16

7 Days of Pre-made, drop into the blender-Green Morning Smoothies! What I did for 1 week PREP today: (You can use ANY favorite combo of fruits or make these for any # servings/days -adjust!) 2 servings per day for 1 week: 7 or more gallon Ziploc Freezer bags, large tupperware containers, OR large glass canning more »

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