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18Jan, 24
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CFC’s Favorite Cold Weather Comfort Foods

It is COLD, and all I want to do is curl up in front of a fire with a blanket, tea, and a great book. Then, when dinner comes around, I crave delicious meals like chili and enchiladas.

Our family has been in “comfort food mode” for several weeks, and our weekly meal plans are filled with cozy, warm, creamy, and hearty meals. And I know we aren’t the only ones!

So, I reached out to our entire CFC team and asked what their favorite recipes are when the temperature drops to these low degrees. Here are their answers (and a few of my favorites as well)!

1. Crockpot Beef + Sweet Potato Stew

Clean Eating Crockpot Beef + Sweet Potato Stew

Stew is a classic cold-weather meal—and for good reason! It’s nutritious, satisfying, and full of veggies and protein.

Plus, it spends the day cooking in a slow cooker while you’re tackling your to-do list.

2. Creamy Jalapeño Chicken Skillet

This skillet meal has a bit of a kick to it thanks to the jalapeños, which help warm you up when the temperature hits single digits.

And there’s much flavor and just enough comforting creaminess to balance out the jalapeño.

3. Garden Veggie + Beef Chili

Another comfort food classic is chili! Consider doubling the recipe for future meals—after all, chili is only better the next day!

4. Slow Cooker ‘Roast’ Beef

Eat Clean Slow Cooker Roast Beef

This roast beef recipe is as simple as it gets and rather fool-proof, so if you haven’t made or perfected your roast beef yet… give this one a try!

My biggest tip is to be patient and let the meat cook longer on low because it will be more tender and (in my opinion) tastier.

5. Cheesy Enchilada-Style Meatballs

Adding these saucy, melty, flavor-packed enchilada-style meatballs to your menu won’t be something you regret!

While I love it as a dinner, it also makes a great appetizer or finger food for parties. 

6. Homemade Buffalo-Style Chicken Meatballs

I’m not sure what it is about them, but meatballs are super popular and well-received among my kids!

If meatballs are cooking in the kitchen, everyone seems to make their way down and hang out, hoping for a sample or two.

And these flavor-packed ones are a complete winner!

7. Simple Dutch Oven Baked Whole Chicken

Everyone needs to know how to cook a whole chicken. All you need is a good and simple recipe like this one!

The results are perfect, with crispy skin and juicy, flavorful meat. You’ll check all the boxes!

8. Veggie Loaded Cauli-Mash Shepherd’s Pie

Along with soups and stews, shepherd’s pie is a cold month favorite and one I’m often asked about!

So, I created this recipe that has all the taste of the classic meal but more nutrients, thanks to all the veggies.

9. Cheesy Meatloaf Cups

Though this isn’t technically a loaf, it’s still fantastic.

The benefit of making cups like these is that they bake much quicker than a standard loaf pan, so that you can get dinner on the table faster.

I’ve found they’re also more fun and appealing to kids.

10. Low Carb Zucchini Lasagna

Many people hesitate to commit to clean eating because they don’t want to give up meals like pasta and lasagna.

Thankfully, we don’t have to! This homemade zucchini recipe is the perfect weekend dinner idea and definitely worth the effort.

11. Beefy Beanless Chili

Of course, I wasn’t going to stop at one chili recipe!

How could I when we have so many amazing ones here at CleanFoodCrush?

This one forgoes beans, so if you’re on the ‘no beans in chili’ side of the debate, here’s a perfect recipe!

12. Baked Mushroom Chicken

This baked mushroom chicken is not only satisfying but full of health benefits.

Mushrooms are a rich, low-calorie source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

They might also lower the risk of diseases and support a healthy immune system (which is important this time of year).

13. Hearty Swedish Meatball Soup

We absolutely love soup at our house! It’s super cozy, warming, filling, nutritious, and ready to eat wherever you are!

I love to double my soup recipes whenever possible because soup makes wonderful future meals.

14. Supreme Pizza Chili

What a fun combination! Pizza and chili might not seem like they go together, but it works. Trust me when I say it’s absolutely delicious and satisfying! 

15. Chicken Pot Pie Soup

As you can tell, I have a lot of fun mixing two different classic meals, like pot pie and soup (or pizza and chili).

This soup has all the creamy, satisfying flavors of chicken pot pie with the ease and simplicity of a pot of soup.

16. CFC’s Ultimate Italian-Inspired Meatloaf

As much as I love the cups from earlier, I wanted to include a classic meatloaf recipe… although I’m not sure ‘classic’ is the right word.

CFC’s Ultimate Italian-Inspired Meatloaf is not your average meatloaf by any measure! There is SO much flavor, and it’s so good in every possible way. 

17. Southwest-Style Chicken and Corn Chowder

Warm up those bellies with the coziest southwest-style chicken and corn chowder tonight.

This chowder has all those flavors my family loves and also goes over super well with my large crew since they can each pile their own toppings on their bowls to create something they really enjoy!

18. Beef + Cauliflower Stove-top Casserole

Cauliflower is one of my FAVORITE Cruciferous Vegetables, so this baby is packed with nutrition…but no need to make a big deal out of that part.

It’s crazy good, family-approved, and has minimal cleanup!

19. Beef Enchilada Skillet with Cauliflower Rice

With this skillet recipe, you’ll impress the whole house while feeling confident that everyone is receiving the necessary nutrients.

It’s also excellent for meal prepping, so save this recipe for lunches and leftovers.

20. Flavorful Moroccan Chicken Stew

Moroccan Chicken Stew is a level above wherever serious flavor is concerned!

Lots of complimentary spices come together in a simple tomato-based stew with chickpeas to create an ultra-satisfying and cozy meal you’ll love.

There you have it.

Twenty delicious comfort meals to get you through these winter chills and stay warm!

And if you’re worried about getting sick during cold and flu season, check out these recipes full of foods that boost your immune system.

In addition to incredible meals, we have other guides and tips to help you have a FANTASTIC winter by boosting your mood, staying hydrated, and getting outside.

Hop in the comment section below and let me know what you love about winter and your favorite meals to enjoy this season! 

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