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7Jan, 17
Green herbs and vegestables ingredients

1. Water Yourself You’ve probably already heard that your body is made up of around 70% water. Your brain depends on water to function optimally and your body need adequate hydration to run effectively. Being dehydrated is the culprit of unwanted weight gain, and even food cravings. The truth is, you may think you’re hungry Read More!

20Apr, 24

Let's Get Moving!Want to Learn How You Can Join Our Free 30-Day 30-Minute Walking Challenge? *What is it:* CleanFoodCrush (CFC) is hosting a Free 30-day 30-minute Walking Challenge to help you establish a daily habit to Move More! *Duration:* 30 minutes of walking per day for 30 days. No excuses! *Goal:* Walk for 30 minutes each day Read More!

15Feb, 24

Signs You Need to Care for Your Mental Health Daily self-care practices are important for overall health, but it’s completely understandable if these exercises are often forgotten. The hope is that a few days or even weeks without dedicated time to self-care isn’t detrimental to your mental health, but that’s not always the case. Life Read More!

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