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13Aug, 18
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6 Clean Eating Back-to-School Bento Boxes

We’re in the back-to-school hustle over here! Wow, I can’t believe how time flies you guys.

At our house, 4 started school today, 1 begins next week, and another left for college…

These bento boxes are a total DREAM for saving time and making sure the kids have clean, nutritious meals to take with them.

These are also a great option for taking to work!Protein Packed Bento Boxes1. On-the-go Smoked Salmon Protein-Packed Bento Boxes!

Send the whole family off to school and work with this assortment of fresh, nutritious brain foods! Grab the smoked salmon protein-packed bento box recipe here.

Eat Clean Homemade Ranch Delight Bento Boxes2. Homemade Ranch Delight Bento Boxes for Eating Clean!

Keep the snacks coming! This recipe for ranch delight bento boxes is a life saver for the back-to-school rush.

CleanFoodCrush Bento Boxes 4 Different Ways3. Meal Prep Bento Boxes 4 Different Ways (Clean Eating on the Go!)

Essential to staying out of the drive-thru during this BUSY time of year! Car emoji????Grab the recipe for Meal Prep Bento Boxes 4 different ways here.

Healthy Back to School Fruity Bento Box4. These Back-to-School Fruity Bento Boxes are Super Smart!

She’s got that whole back-to-school, the people we love need healthy snacks to-go, so let’s keep the fridge stocked kinda #vibe. Grab the recipe for these fruity bento boxes here.

Eat Clean Protein Bento Boxes5. Eat Clean Protein Bento Boxes

A combination of all the favorite foods in one box! All the nutrition they need to get back into the mindset of learning and play! Grab the recipe for these Clean Protein Bento Boxes here.

Clean Eating Bento Boxes6. Mix + Match Bento Boxes

Take a few minutes to prep these the night before. How handy will it be to pull one out of the fridge for an afternoon snack – OR – on the way to the kids’ practice!?! Gear emojiBasketball emoji????Fast food temptation – gone. Grab the recipe for these mix + match bento boxes.

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