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17Jan, 22

Air Fryer Broccoli 🥦🥦🥦 This just might be the very best broccoli you’ve ever had! I REALLY enjoy broccoli and it’s probably my #1 go-to vegetable. I’ve always LOVED roasted vegetables…that crispy crunch just makes them so incredibly enjoyable! With the air fryer you get that same crispiness, but quicker and easier than traditional oven Read More!

15Jan, 22

Healthier Air Fryer Nuggets Looking for something to make this weekend that the whole FAM will enjoy? Then you’ve gotta try these crispy nuggets! This is my new FAVORITE method for making crispy nuggets at home! Lots of flavor and just super good! My kids sure loved chicken nuggets when they were little (actually so Read More!

5Dec, 22

Air-Fryer Baked Apples 🍎 Naturally sweetened, warm, cozy, rustic all-natural dessert you can easily make after dinner tonight. A dollop of whipped coconut cream or high-quality vanilla bean ice cream on top = so good! It took me a while to jump on the airfryer bandwagon because I felt that I already had too many Read More!

9Jan, 23

Crispy Air Fried Radishes These radishes are perfectly seasoned and nice n’ crispy on the outside, which creates a very satisfying side dish when you’re craving something a little crunchy and salty. Air-fried radishes make for a surprisingly tasty side dish that I think your whole family will love! One taste, and you’ll be hooked! Read More!

5Jan, 22

Best Air-fried Green Beans Did you happen to get a new air fryer for Christmas? I’m hearing A LOT of our CFC Crushers, Challengers, and Community Members sure did (Thanks Santa!🎅), and now everyone is looking for good recipes! Veggies are seriously the BEST in an air fryer…they’re fighting for my favorite spot #1 that Read More!

19Dec, 21

Air-Fried Brussels Sprouts We’ve been using our air fryer for just about everything lately. Quick, efficient, and we LOVE the crispy crunchy results our air fryer produces. Do you use an air fryer? Easy enough for a quick weeknight dinner or meal prep, yet they’re delicious enough to receive a promotion to your holiday table. Read More!

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