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29Jun, 23

Our BEST Air Fryer Recipes Have you jumped on the air fryer bandwagon yet? Sometimes it feels like there are just too many small appliances and ways to cook, but I’ve quickly discovered that the air fryer is totally worth it! I use mine daily for warming up leftovers, throwing together a quick dinner, and Read More!

13Jan, 23

Air Fryer Whole Chicken This is an absolute MUST-HAVE recipe to keep in your favorite good eats arsenal especially if you’re an Air Fryer lover like me. Everything about this chicken is complete perfection and it couldn’t be simpler! Hands-on time are super minimal, so you can go make a fun side dish or just Read More!

25Feb, 22

Best Ever Air Fryer Salmon There is absolutely NOTHING that compares to salmon that’s been cooked in an air-fryer! I love salmon prepared many different ways, but the air fryer method beats them all (by far) in my opinion. We get that ultra-flavorful crunchy & crispy coating on the outside with a super tender, juicy, Read More!

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