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30Jul, 23

Breakfast Meal Prep I’m soooo OBSESSED with Breakfast Bowl Prep throughout the busy school year! Not only a time-saver, but this also guarantees I will actually eat something (delicious & nutritious) before running out the door! I love eating and serving a hearty, protein-packed Breakfast for any meal of the day…and every day! Mornings are Read More!

15Apr, 23

Creamy Almond Butter Slaw A big ole bowl of veggie goodness that is surprisingly crave-able! A fresh crisp and very simple veggie packed slaw drizzled with an easy four-ingredient bright/tangy + nutty/creamy dressing. Loads of satisfying flavors & textures happening here. Such a great way to keep our veggie servings up throughout the weekend! This Read More!

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