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4Aug, 22
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Why You Should Use Glass Jars More Often

Here at CleanFoodCrush, we like to recommend glass jars for food prepping and storage, whether for leftovers or your favorite flavored water.

But have you ever wondered why we choose glass? There’s a lot of information on the benefits of using glass over plastic. One of the main reasons is for both our health and safety and the environment’s health.

First and foremost, it’s essential to know what plastics are made of. Most plastics contain chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates. These can affect the brain, hormone, and reproductive systems and may contribute to cancer development. These chemicals can leach into the food and beverages you put in plastic containers, which can lead to serious health issues.

Glass, on the other hand, is made from sand, soda ash, limestone, and recycled glass content, known as cullet, that is melted down in furnaces and made into new glass containers that are both reusable and infinitely recyclable.

Because of its unique design of natural elements, glass does not have the chemicals in it that plastic does, so you don’t have to worry about anything harmful leaching into your food via washing or heating the plastic.

Furthermore, washing glass will not cause it to deteriorate over time (unlike its plastic counterparts), meaning you can save money in the long run by not having to purchase more storage containers as often as you would if they were made of plastic.

Glass is a permanent material that can be endlessly recycled without losing its intrinsic properties. And no matter how often it’s recycled, glass will always remain healthy and safe for food-grade packaging and storage. That’s why we like to use it for meal-prepping recipes (like these yummy taco salads or sushi jars), as that food may be sitting in your fridge for a few days.

Another great benefit of using glass containers is that the quality of your food (both freshness and taste) is better! Plastic is inherently porous, which means even when you wash it, previous food you’ve stored in them can be absorbed into the plastic itself, leaving residue and flavors behind that make your next meal lackluster.

CleanFoodCrush Hummus + Crunchy Veggies Snack Jars

With glass, you don’t have to worry about that! You’ll have quality taste every time you use it. This is especially helpful with meal-prepping various types of recipes throughout the week, like hummus & veggies, berry parfaits, or homemade kimchi – you’re going to want a clean, fresh storage container each time for these varying flavors!

Clean Eats Berry Parfait Chia Jars

Using glass containers is also great for the environment.

Glass is recycled much faster than plastic, meaning we’re wasting less the more glass we use. In fact, studies have shown that plastic bottles are recycled at an average rate of 29%, while glass bottles are recycled at an average rate of 37%. Plus, making glass bottles produces around 100 fewer toxic emissions than when making plastic bottles – this is an incredible difference that will have lasting effects on our environment.

The great news is that it takes minimal effort to swap out your plasticware for glass! Next time you’re in the store, just pick up some glass jars or containers, recycle those old plastic ones if you can, and start loading up your meals, leftovers, and beverages in higher-quality glass. Your taste buds and the environment will thank you!


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