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2May, 24
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20 of CFC’s BEST Recipes for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, CRUSHers! It’s time to celebrate all of the FANTASTIC moms out there. To help make the day smooth and fun for you all, I’ve compiled this list of 20 perfect Mother’s Day Recipes.

Our favorite way to spend the day is with a lovely brunch, but whatever your plans are, I have something for you!

We have breakfast recipes, finger foods, lunch and dinner ideas, and treats for dessert. Have fun perusing until you find a recipe perfect for your Sunday plans!

Breakfast and Brunch

1. Strawberry Baked Pancakes

Fluffy, sweet baked strawberry pancakes for a simple recipe that’ll feed the whole fam in the morning while putting a smile on their faces! While it’s a basic, easy recipe, it has plenty of nutrients that will provide our bodies with sustainable energy. Here are more pancake recipes if they’re something you like!

2. Cottage Cheese Breakfast Cups

I almost decided to put these in the treats section because they’re so tasty! But they make a beautiful breakfast that you can alter for your family’s tastes. Also, cottage cheese is low in calories and fat, high in protein, packed with calcium, and full of nutrients!

3. Mini Lemon-Blueberry Pancake Skewers 

These little pancake skewers are crazy easy to assemble, completely delicious, and full of antioxidants. Not to mention, they’ll brighten up your Mother’s Day brunch table! Just set out a big, beautiful platter and enjoy!

4. Piña Colada Overnight Oats

All the tastes of piña coladas but without the unnecessary sugar and instead being a very nutritious and satisfying breakfast idea full of protein. Fresh pineapple combined with coconut creates a refreshing island favorite flavor! If you love these overnight oats, you can find many similar ideas here!

5. Mexican-inspired Frittata

If you’re like me and love savory breakfasts, then you’ll definitely want to try this one! This one is extra perfect thanks to the high protein, complex carbohydrates (energy!), and the fabulous Mexican-inspired flavors happening here.

Finger Foods

6. Homemade (copycat) Aussie Bites

Aussie bites are always hit in my hours and make the PERFECT snack, finger food, or appetizer. These are completely packed with energy through complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, along with an impressive amount of fiber! Not to mention, they’re delicious.

7. Crispy Smashed Broccoli

Flavorful and simple, it is absolutely the best broccoli ever! That crispy coating makes them incredibly enjoyable with the perfect flavor and texture combination. Not to mention, broccoli is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants necessary for overall health!

8. Tuna Cucumber Boats

These boats are some of my favorite finger foods for gatherings with families and friends. They’re fresh, light, hydrating, and present beautifully at a Mother’s Day Brunch or really any party, like a baby shower or summer BBQ.

Wild Tuna Cucumber Boats Clean Eating

9. Rachel’s Buffalo Chicken Dip

There’s not much that’s as crave-worthy as this buffalo chicken dip! Our dip is completely packed with protein and made using “cleaner” ingredients to serve up a nutritious snack to those we love. It’ll be a hit at your Mother’s Day party.

10. Zucchini Fingers

Zucchinis are delicious and have several health benefits, all of which you can read about (and get 25 more amazing recipes) here. These Zucchini sticks are so full of flavor and totally satisfying – friggin’ good vegetables! Let me know if you try them next weekend and how fast they disappear from the table.

CleanFoodCrush Oven Fried Zucchini Fingers

Lunch or Dinner

11. Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This flavor combination is incredible with creamy peanut butter, tangy fresh lime, salty aminos, umami sautéed mushrooms, a bit of heat from the hot sauce, and a touch of sweetness from the honey. Every taste bud you have will thank you!

12. Balsamic Salmon Sheet Pan

Something about a fresh balsamic meal like this seems perfect for a Mother’s Day meal! This one is really good, and it has tons of flavors thanks to the quick homemade marinade. And as a one-sheet meal, it’s pretty simple and comes with minimal cleanup.

13. Chicken Ranch Spaghetti Squash

Rich, indulgent ranch and crispy chicken pieces make this a fantastic meal. We get extra fiber and nutrients thanks to this incredible noodly squash. Chicken and Greek yogurt are also excellent sources of protein!

14. Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Casserole

If you love Spaghetti Squash and Lasagna, then this is the recipe for you! It’s exceptionally satisfying and comforting, as most hot casseroles topped with melty cheese are. I’m so excited for you to try this, and can’t wait to hear how your family likes it!

15. Twice Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Bacon and Eggs

A bit more hands-on but simple prep goes into making these… so they’re definitely a weekend project. The combination of flavors is stunning!

Sweet Treats

16. Berry Tart

Breakfast or dessert? Could go either way! This berry tart is energy fuel, a refreshing meal that’s pretty enough to serve your guests for a party or special brunch but simple enough to make on the weekends for the family!

17. Clean Eating Chocolate Chip Blender Banana Bread

Delightful and decadent, this bread is an excellent treat and simple enough to be a quick breakfast idea if that’s what you prefer. You get plenty of potassium from the bananas, and the chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth.

18. Chocolate Almond No-Bake Truffles

Here’s another recipe that fits several categories! In this case, the truffles can be a treat or a finger food snack for the middle of the day. They taste like a bite of dessert but are packed with nutrients to keep you fueled and energetic.

19. Yogurt Berry Cake

I couldn’t resist including this yogurt berry cake on the list! Naturally sweetened with a delicious, nutty, crisp-crumb topping, then served with fresh berries and a dollop of yogurt or whipped coconut cream.

It’s perfect to make when you’re going to have a bigger group to feed, and you want it to be beautiful and impressive – like a holiday weekend!

20. No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake

We’re ending on a high note here! If you want to really impress, make this No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake. It takes a bit more time, but trust me, it’s worth it. It tastes almost exactly like regular cheesecake, but it’s much healthier, and everyone will feel much better afterward.

CleanFoodCrush No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake

All of these recipes are favorites in my house and popular amongst our CRUSHers, so I’m confident that the moms out there will appreciate every recipe come Mother’s Day weekend.

They deserve to be celebrated, and these recipes are a great way to start those celebrations! 

Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite. 

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