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30Nov, 23
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14 Delicious Chili Recipes

Name a more perfect Fall and Winter meal than chili! I always end up making a ton of it this time of year because my family goes through it so fast. 

Chili is simple, tasty, and budget-friendly if you shop for sales. I also think that it’s perfect for meal prepping because it often tastes even better the next day, and chili freezes very well.

If you like chili too and are looking for new recipes, this is the list for you! 

1. Garden Veggie + Beef Chili

This recipe is so quick and easy. It takes about 20 minutes to throw together; then, you just have to let it simmer for an hour (or as long as you want) to get those flavors to meld and deepen.

2. Spicy Pumpkin Chili

Here’s a chance to keep using our favorite traditional fall ingredient: pumpkin! Pumpkin protects your heart, lungs, and kidneys and helps battle high blood pressure, all of which are essential for overall health. Get some amazing pumpkin recipes and read more about the health benefits here!

CleanFoodCrush Spicy Pumpkin Chili

3. Melty Chili Bake Casserole

So, this one isn’t a pot of chili but a casserole, which is still wonderful for this time of year. When the weather turns cold, I love to pull a hot, bubbly casserole out of the oven to serve for dinner. They’re hearty, satisfying, and so cozy.

4. Buffalo-Style Chicken Chili

My family loves anything buffalo-style, so this was a mega-win! It’s inexpensive, creative, and filled with flavors. If spice isn’t your thing, feel free to add fewer peppers and forego the jalapeños!

5. White Chicken Chili

Break out your crock pot or Insta pot to create this masterpiece of a meal! You might want to double the recipe so you have more for future meals throughout your week. It’s completely worth it, I promise!

Crock Pot: Instant Pot White Chicken Chili Clean Food


6. Week ONE Beefy Beanless Chili

By week one, I’m referring to the first week of our 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, when we don’t eat beans. You can join some if you’d like, but I suggest trying the chili without the beans first because it’s delicious. 

7. Butternut Squash Chili

Most of these ingredients are probably in your pantry right now, and if not, this recipe is very flexible and forgiving, so add whatever you have on hand and trust the result. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and try again. Embrace improvising and adapting because that makes cooking FUN!

8. Crockpot Pork Chili Verde

Pork tenderloins are often on sale around here, so this chili is great for staying in budget. But you won’t feel like you’re sacrificing anything because the flavors mesh perfectly. It makes a lot, so you can feed a big family, take it to a party, or use your leftovers as meal prep next week! 

9. One-Pan White Bean Chili

Easy, tasty, and super versatile, this chili might become your new best friend! It’s also fantastic for sneaking more veggies into your family’s diet. They won’t even realize it while enjoying the meal!

10. Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili

This chili isn’t only hearty and tasty but nourishing, too! Great northern beans are a good source of protein, iron, and folate that aids in the production of red blood cells. We’ve got a win-win here! 

11. Crock-Pot 3-Bean + Turkey Chili

This turkey chili is one of my favorites! And what better time is there to experiment with turkey than the weeks after Thanksgiving?

Turkey provides the amino acids necessary for muscle growth and repair and can support brain function, energy production, immune health, and more.

Clean Crock-pot 3-Bean with Turkey Chili

12. Supreme Pizza Chili

What a fun combination! Pizza and chili might not seem like they go together, but it works. Trust me when I say it’s absolutely delicious and satisfying! 

13. Crockpot Chili with Bacon

Once you add crumbled bacon to your chili, you may never go back! It adds a nice touch of crunch with a perfectly salty flavor that belongs in that bowl. 

14. Fresh Vegetable & Black Bean Chili

If you want your house to smell AMAZING after cooking, then this is one you need to try! If you want to get creative, I bet this would be wonderful over a baked potato or topping a taco salad.

That completes my list of 14 of my FAVORITE chili recipes!

Chili hits the spot every time, whether a typical weekday meal, a dish to take to a party, or a go-to for those busier days when all you can manage is a crockpot meal.

It’s also great because chili stays good for hours on the stove while everyone in the family makes it home at different times of the evening during the busy school season.

Need I say more? Next time you’re looking for a new meal, try one of these and let me know what you think in the comments below! 

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