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28Nov, 20
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Post-Thanksgiving Survival Guide 🙌

Whether you had a few friends over, stuck with your close family, cooked a traditional meal, or tried something new, I hope you had an AMAZING Thanksgiving celebration. After your long, food-induced nap, you may be feeling a bit of a turkey hangover, post-holiday drag, or general fog in your mind about what comes next. And with the adjustments we’ve had to make this year, I’m sure you’re looking forward to a much-needed rest. 

I know the days after a big Holiday are often ignored, filled with stomach pains, food guilt, or general exhaustion. I hope to help you with that and alleviate some stress!

 So, here’s your very own “Post-Thanksgiving Survival Guide,” filled with tips, ways to reduce bloating and inflammation, and recipes that are perfect for those leftovers crowding your fridge. 

First, remember to give yourself grace in these days right after Thanksgiving. If you ate more than you had intended, or if you ate less healthy food than would’ve been ideal, that’s okay. It’s not the end of the world OR the end of your health journey. 

Holidays are a special, rare time, and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be perfect while surrounded by delicious pies. After all, clean eating is not about being perfect and constantly sticking to a strict diet. It’s about balance, loving yourself, and treating your body how it deserves. 

That said, your body may not be used to the extra salt, sugar, and food in general, so you may experience some bloating and inflammation. This is normal, and there are ways to help reduce that! 

First and foremost, it’s essential to drink PLENTY of water after enjoying large Holiday meals. Try aiming for 10 glasses today and if you need some help reaching this goal, check this blog out. It also helps to squeeze some lemon into your drink, which adds variety and aids in reducing inflammation. 

Next, don’t put off your next workout. I know it can be daunting to even think about moving your body when all you want to do is nap, but movement truly does help digestion and mental health. Conquering a workout, doing yoga, or taking your dog for a walk can instantly brighten your mood and reduce bloating. 

Also, eat! YES, eating is actually helpful after a weekend of indulgence. Starving yourself will not “make up” for that third slice of pie or balance the scales. You can stick to lighter meals, but be sure to get regular, nutritious, and clean meals this week. This will help maximize metabolism and regulate blood sugar, insulin levels, and hunger hormones.

Try planning ahead and putting together a meal plan for this week. The recipes below that make use of any leftovers you may have GREAT options and I hope a few of them find their way to your menu. It’s almost like you’re stretching out the deliciousness of Thanksgiving a few days while still helping your body return to its normal rhythm.

Pay attention to the mornings and the evenings! It’s best to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up to jump-start your metabolism. Then, tonight, plan to go to sleep an hour early. Your body is working on overdrive to recover and NEEDS that extra rest. 

This post may help you make a SOLID plan for getting earlier and better sleep tonight.

I’ve also put together 7 more of my holiday reset tips to reduce bloating and inflammation, so check out that post for more advice and information. I hope it will be beneficial if you’re feeling bloated, heavy, puffy, or tired. 

For your Post-Thanksgiving, detox menu we have some GREAT soup ideas. Soup is a perfect meal if you need something lighter, simple, and more manageable but still nutritious and flavorful. Here are three of my favorite recipes:

This Quick & Simple Skinny Detox Soup is Perfect to Reduce Bloat & Inflammation

Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable that increases the production of antioxidant and detoxification enzymes and stimulates liver cleansing production. It helps your liver break down toxins for easier expulsion. It also has diuretic properties that help rid your body of excess liquid, carrying toxins and it!

Recipe Quick & Simple Skinny Detox Soup

This Detox Soup Can Lower Inflammation and Shed Water Weight

This is packed with veggies and lean protein and is great for cleansing your body!

Detox Chicken Soup recipe

Eat this Cabbage Detox Chicken Soup to Reduce Bloat and Shed Water Weight!

Each of the ingredients in this soup were selected because they contain incredible healing, digestive, weight loss, and disease-fighting capabilities, in my opinion.

By nature, soup is filling and satisfying, and the large quantity of vegetables gives your body more nutrients and fiber per calorie. And who doesn’t NEED that during this holiday season? (And more specifically, during this intermission between two huge holidays!)

But I am NOT suggesting you eat nothing but cabbage soup for every meal this next week. You still need variety and other, sometimes more substantial, meals. So, give a few of these Thanksgiving leftover recipes a shot, and let me know which is your favorite!

Cabbage Detox Chicken Soup Clean Recipe

Creamy Turkey & Wild Rice Soup.

Yes, this first one is another soup recipe! But it’s much different than the three listed above and makes use of any leftovers you need to get rid of. Plus, it’s much healthier than any classic creamy turkey and wild rice soup filled with heavy or sour cream that you may have had in the past.

Tasty Clean Eating Creamy Turkey Wild Rice Soup

Leftover Tangy Turkey Ranch Club Wraps.

These are tasty and simple wraps that work great for quick meals and lunches between shopping trips or to pack for your kids.

Healthy Leftover Tangy Turkey Ranch Club Wraps

Leftover Turkey Harvest Salad.

I’m not going to lie; this crazy combo is a favorite of mine year-round! But there’s something extra special about making and enjoying this salad after a big holiday meal.

CleanFoodCrush Leftover Turkey Harvest Salad

Leftover Turkey Mason Jar Salads.

If you’re thinking ahead and want to go ahead and make your lunches for the week, the wraps above and these salads are GREAT for meal prepping! Glass canning jars help the salad stay fresh for tasty grab-n-go salads all week!

One Pot Leftover Turkey Soup.

For the last recipe, I’m giving you one more delicious soup idea! There’s just something ultra-satisfying and extremely comforting about a big stockpot of homemade soup sitting on the stove. Your kitchen smells delicious, soup is economical, and it’s excellent because dinner is ready even if you often have a few stragglers who come home later.

I hope you found something here that is helpful during these few weeks between holidays, whether it’s a leftover turkey idea you’re excited about or a way to help reduce bloating!

My Final and Most Crucial Post-Thanksgiving Survival Tip: Don’t Beat Yourself Up. ❤

Like I said earlier, give yourself grace and learn to wake up each day refreshed (regardless of the previous day’s struggles) and move forward with positive intention. 

Our past does not determine our future unless we allow it to.

Allow yourself to chase a future filled with delicious soup, leftover turkey, achieved health goals, kindness to others and to yourself, and abundant joy!

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