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22Jun, 23
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Tips To Keep Your Energy Up In The Heat

The heat of the summer months can be difficult on the body and drain your energy, especially if you’re dehydrated!

Yes, the days are longer, and getting plenty of Vitamin D keeps energy levels up, but the heat of these months can actually be more draining than energizing. 

It can be tempting to relax and take longer midday naps thanks to feelings of sluggishness or oncoming migraines that slow cognitive function, but it’s also essential to keep your body moving.

I’m not saying you should risk heat stroke by running a marathon during the height of summer heat, just that it’s vital to fight intense exhaustion that might keep you from everyday routines or staying somewhat active.

So, here are 7 great and simple ways to cool down this summer and keep your energy up even when the sun seems relentless! 

Get More Fluids 

Of course, water is the most essential drink to get enough of during the summer.

We all know how important drinking enough water is for every aspect of health, including fighting fatigue, headaches, and indigestion, all of which can sap necessary energy.

And drinking when you feel thirsty likely isn’t enough, as the body is usually already dehydrated by the time you’re thirsty.

For more ideas to make drinking water more of a habit, check out this article

You don’t have to stop at water, though. You can enjoy several other refreshing drinks during the summer to help keep you hydrated.

These are tasty, refreshing, and helpful for replenishing electrolytes, which naturally hydrate the body while boosting energy

Watermelon is 92% water, which can help keep you hydrated AND feeling full between meals.

Blueberries have super high antioxidant levels and an impressive array of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Both lemons and limes contain lots of vitamin C and antioxidants, so drink up this summer!

Do a Cleanse

Having a healthy digestive system, like your body’s internal plumbing, keeps your body free of toxins.

A blocked digestive system can make you feel bloated and sluggish, meaning it might be time to try a cleanse.

A detox is like resetting the system to re-energize you!

The first step is to start every day with a full glass of water, and if you want to go a step further, add some lemon to your water!

Lemon water aids digestion and weight loss, provides vitamin C, prevents oxidation, and boosts energy! 

Along with drinking plenty of water to flush out the system, try updating your diet.

A fruit and vegetable-rich diet is the best way to detox, as these foods have natural antioxidants that can help rid the body of toxins. 

If you’re looking for a structured detox or more guidance in cleansing your body of toxins, we have several fantastic programs, such as the 3 day detox, 10 day detox, and 30 day challenge.

Don’t Neglect Sleep

Like water, sleep is a vital part of living a healthy life.

Unfortunately, people tend to overlook it, and according to Sleep Health, most Americans get insufficient sleep.

Not only getting enough sleep but getting good quality sleep is essential for fat loss, muscle gain, relieving anxiety, keeping skin and hair healthy, boosting mental health and cognitive function, improving the immune system, and, of course, gaining and maintaining energy. 

Check out this article for some tips to help get more and better quality sleep

Smaller Frequent Meals & Snacks

Instead of eating 3 large meals a day, try spacing them out and having 5 smaller meals, as we do in the 30 day challenge.

Eating smaller portions throughout the day means that you’ll always have food in your system providing energy.

Also, it takes some pressure off your GI tract, as larger meals are much more difficult to break down.

You don’t have to eat an entire meal every time.

Fill your body with water-rich fruits and vegetables that act as a source of hydration and antioxidants (important for detoxing!)

Some great options for snacks and meals include watermelon, celery, green peppers, mango, cucumbers, tomatoes, berries, and oranges.

Here are 2 recipes that use some hydrating healthy fruits and veggies:

Fresh, seasonal fruit + limey yogurt dip makes a perfect refreshing dessert idea, so you can easily skip the baked goods while enjoying yourself!

There’s nothing quite like the flavor of locally grown, vine-ripened produce. This is simple, easy to make, inexpensive, delicious, and nutritious! 

We go into more detail about produce that is in season during the Summer in this article.

Take Care of Your Skin

First and foremost, ALWAYS wear sunscreen!

This is important year-round, especially in the summer when the sun’s harmful UV rays are stronger and more dangerous.

Pair sunglasses and hats to provide shade and shield your eyes.

Avoid spending too much time in the sun, and look for shady areas to take occasional breaks. 

In addition to sunscreen, make sure you’re hydrating your skin. Use lotion, creams, hydrating body wash, oils, and serums.

If you want tips for keeping your skin healthy and picking the right products, check out this article

Also, use peppermint oil, which has cooling properties that aid in beating the heat. There are several ways to utilize this natural oil!

Dab some on your wrists or mix a drop with coconut oil and rub it on your neck.

It will give that cooling sensation on your skin that doubles as a calming effect and muscle relaxer.

Finally, make sure you have good hygiene habits!

Take daily showers or baths to rid your body of dirt and germ, and if you can stand it, mix in several cold showers with your schedule.

Cold showers boost immunity and mental health, improve metabolism and circulation, reduce inflammation and soreness, support weight loss goals, and increase energy levels! 

You can also add a few drops of peppermint oil to a bath or in your shower to end your day with relaxation (which also helps with sleep). 

Get Creative with Exercise 

As the Summers get hotter each year, the options for exercising dwindle.

Depending on where you live, doing an afternoon run is not wise. Instead, get creative with how you get active.

However, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the outdoors and get your body moving without risking your health.

Do indoor exercises such as yoga, body workouts, and classes like Zumba or cycling. When outside, try less vigorous yet still effective activities like swimming, walking, hiking in shady areas, and kayaking. 

Check out our guide to getting outside this Summer here

Relax and Practice Self-Care

Last but not least: RELAX.

You can’t expect to have energy if you’re constantly on the go and neglecting your mental health and self-care.

We have several articles that can give ways to boost mental health, tips for relaxing, adopting a self care routine, and practicing healthy napping.

For simplicity’s sake, here are a few small ways to relax now:

While you’re enjoying time with kids, more sunshine, and beautiful summer days, remember to take care of yourself and your family!

There are several ways to stay healthy and energized even when it’s incredibly hot outside. 

If you feel low on energy or lose focus, take a break and rest.

Stay proactive about staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and protecting your skin!

What is your favorite part of summer, and how do you keep your energy up these months?

Let me know in the comments below! 

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