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22Jan, 20
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6 Skinny Smoothies for Weight Loss

Your metabolism, or metabolic rate, plays a significant role in how fast or slow calories are burned in your body.  The higher it is, the more calories your body burns throughout the day, which can help you lose or maintain your weight.

Metabolism is a process your body undergoes that converts foods into energy. It can be affected by lifestyle, diet, and whether we exercise or not. Have you ever known someone who ate whatever they wanted and never gained a pound?  It’s probably because that person has an unusually high metabolism. 

You may also know someone who works out all the time and eats fairly healthy yet is still overweight. Chances are they have a slower metabolism. 

Some people believe they’re stuck with a slow metabolism. Or, they believe all the talk about how it’s inevitable to gain weight as they age because metabolism slows down.

This isn’t necessarily true. While the metabolic rate may slow some as we age, health experts state that there are things you can do that can help you burn MORE calories.  This is great news if you’re hoping to burn off unwanted weight or maintain the weight you’re at.

We’re not powerless over our metabolism, so let’s get informed and moving toward boosting it with the following 11 tips:

1. Eat Protein

Don’t shy away from protein as it can increase your metabolic rate upwards of 30 percent! This rate is better than what you’ll get with carbs and fats, so try to eat some protein at each meal. Here are 6 ways eating more protein is good for your health.

Start with these recipes:

Roasted BBQ Chicken

Healthy Chicken Cobb Salad

Fast and Easy Chili Lime Shrimp

Mediterranean Grass-Fed Meatballs

2. Exercise Regularly

When you exercise, your metabolism increases, so be sure you’re exercising regularly. Aim for three to five days per week, at least 20 minutes at a time – walking, biking, jogging, weight lifting, etc. if you can’t exercise, the research shows that sitting in a sauna for at least 20 minutes per session will also do the trick.

3. Add Garlic To Your Meals

Garlic helps destroy free radicals, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and gives your metabolism a bit of a boost.

Try this recipe: Garlic Sage Brussels Sprouts

4. Munch On Red Berries

Don’t you love to eat strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries? Add them to your oatmeal or chia puddings because they are great for your cells and your metabolism.

Try these recipes:

Vanilla Berry Overnight Oats

Quick & Easy Strawberry Avocado Toast

Healthy Mixed Berry Sorbet

5. Drink More Water

Increase your water intake, as your body needs water to burn up those calories. Enough water will help regulate your hormones, boost your energy levels and of course – rev up the metabolism. Here are 22 reasons to drink lemon water.

6. Enjoy Broccoli

This wonderful vegetable will help your body burn more fat and it is packed full of nutrients. Steam, sauté or eat it raw.

Try these recipes:

Broccoli Fritters for a Quick Clean Eating Snack

Healthier Broccoli Slaw with a Simple Tangy Dressing

Spicy Chicken + Broccoli Stir-Fry

Broccoli + Mushroom Beef Stir-Fry

7. Choose Whole Grains over Empty Carbs

The fiber found in whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, or quinoa helps you to feel full, and also gives your metabolism a boost. If you’re looking for a healthy bread option, try whole-grain Ezekial. Try this grated egg + avocado toast.

8. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is known for boosting metabolism by about five percent. Enjoy a cup in the morning, afternoon, or night – just be sure it’s caffeine-free if you’re drinking it before bed.

9. Spice Up Your Foods

Enjoy that spicy kick? Add spice to your foods, such as jalapeno or Anaheim peppers, because the capsaicin in peppers increases metabolism.

Try these taco stuffed mini peppers.

10. Drink Coffee

That cup of java in the morning or after a meal can increase your metabolism upwards of 11 percent. Just lay off loads of sugar to keep calories at bay and minimize how much cream you use. Ideally, just use a touch of almond milk and a bit of stevia or a tiny bit of honey.

11. Use Coconut Oil

Ditch the unhealthy fats like canola or sunflower oil or super-high fat butter and cook with coconut oil. It’ll help boost your metabolism and adds great flavor to your dishes. Plus it has a whole host of benefits. Here are 22 healthy and creative ways to use coconut oil.

The Bottom Line

You’re not stuck with a slow metabolism. When you realize there are things you can do to give your metabolism the boost it may need, you’re more apt to lose or maintain your weight, and have more energy, which will feel great!

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