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19May, 22
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Mangos: What They Are, Why To Eat Them + Delicious Mango Recipes

Mangoes are sweet, brightly colored fruits that used to grow predominantly in India but now grow abundantly in Mexico, South America, Florida, and California. Like peaches and cherries, they’re what we call a “stone fruit” because of their center pit.

While mangoes are historically best eaten at the end of the dry season, they can be bought and consumed all year long worldwide, making them a fantastic addition to anyone’s daily diet, which is great because they offer several health benefits!

These aromatic fruits are high in many vitamins, including C and B6. Vitamin C helps boost your immune system, keeping your body prepared to fight off infections and viruses. Vitamin B6 can help with vision and protect against macular degeneration.

Mangoes are also extremely high in fiber, a nutrient that’s imperative to your digestive health. The antioxidants and nutrients found in mangoes have anti-inflammatory properties and can even help promote skin health, keeping your skin brighter and younger-looking for longer.

Want all of these great benefits but not sure when your mango is ripe? Pick mangoes that have turned from green to orange, red, or a rosy color – that’s when they’re best! Remember that the colors will vary and may not cover the entire mango. Also, be sure to gently press the mangoes because the skin should give a little; if it’s too mushy, your mango may be overripe.

We love mangoes here at CFC, so much so that we have several recipes that use mangoes – check some out below!

Best Mango Salsa

The perfect spicy summer salsa is great to eat by itself or atop your favorite chicken or other protein! With mangoes, jalapenos, onions, red peppers, lime, and cilantro, this salse has a fun kick of flavor that’s perfect for your next barbecue.

Coconut Mango Chicken

This chicken will make you think you’re sitting on a tropical beach surrounded by palm trees. With the fantastic flavors of mango and coconut, it’s great to have on a hot summer day, especially if you’re grilling at your beach house!

CleanFoodCrush Coconut Mango Chicken Recipe

Mango Coconut Cream Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are so easy – just throw the ingredients in a jar at night and wake up to breakfast! Prep a few of these mango-inspired oats for your week ahead. Place them in the refrigerator, give them a little stir in the morning, and voila – breakfast is on!

No Bake Mango Coconut Cream Oats

Grilled Lime Salmon + Avo-Mango Salsa

Ready for seafood night? This excellent lime salmon is zesty, especially paired with this avocado-mango salsa. Similar to the basic mango salsa mentioned above, this one also has mangoes, onions, and red peppers but gets a burst of flavor with added tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocados! 

Grilled Lime Salmon + Avo-Mango Salsa CleanFoodCrush

Sweet and Sour Chicken Mango + Avocado Salad

This protein-packed salad is great for those nights when you want to throw something together quickly but don’t want to lose out on the nutrition. As you can see, mangoes and avocados are a great combo that will work together in just about any meal – definitely a great staple duo!

Sweet and Source Chicken Mango Salad with Avocado CleanFoodCrush

Healthy Mango Salsa Chicken Bowl

This dish is prepared with quinoa, a grain with many health benefits, making it a great addition to this already flavorful and nutritional meal. Quinoa has been known to help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, reducing your risk of diabetes and heart disease. It’s also rich in antioxidants, preventing heart and other organ damage.

Mango Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Want a sandwich but trying to avoid extra carbs? Try a lettuce wrap! They’re handheld like a regular sandwich but without those pesky carbs. When paired with this delicious mango-flavored chicken, you’re in for a real savory treat.

Grilled Chicken + Mango Skewers

Win over your neighbors and family at your next barbecue with these grilled chicken and mango skewers. Fun for the kids and adults alike, these will be a hit and will disappear fast – be sure to make extras!!

Mango Quinoa Chopped Salad

This savory + slightly sweet combination is seriously so delicious! If you’re looking for a dish to prepare several hours ahead of time, this is it! And you get quinoa, which is a superfood high in fiber, plus several vitamins and minerals that are low in many people’s diets.

Grilled Chicken With Fresh Mango Salsa

The assortment of colors in this salsa will instantly brighten your mood and day and have you daydreaming of those long days by the pool.

Grilled Eat Clean! Grilled Chicken with Mango with mango salsa

Mango-Blueberry Salsa Over Grilled Chicken or Fish

This salsa is especially great on top of grilled chicken or fish! The blueberries add a fun pop of color and flavor and several nutritional values. Blueberries are great for your heart, bone strength, and skin pressure.

Clean Eating Mango Blueberry Salsa

Sweet & Spicy Cucumber Mango Wraps

These are perfect for taco night, especially if you’re trying to watch your carbs. Using iceberg lettuce as your “shell,” load these up with your favorite protein and then garnish with mangoes, cucumbers, and any other topping you love!

Mango Black Bean Salad with Sunflower Seeds + Citrusy Dressing

This salad is protein-rich, super quick, and easy to make (plus, SUPER flavorful). I’m obsessed with sunflower seeds too, and often add them to my salads – they’re a tasty way to add some interesting crunch!

As you can see, mangoes are super healthy and beneficial for everyone’s diet, plus they’re super fun to add to almost any meal! Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, or the whole neighborhood, mangoes are a staple for which people will keep coming back.

Let me know how you like to incorporate mangoes into your diet!


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