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8Jun, 23
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20 Cold Treats for the Summer

Summer is just around the corner! It’s definitely one of my favorite times of the year – sunshine, pool days, barbecues, potlucks – what’s not to love?

As those warm days get warmer, you’ll soon find yourself looking for ways to cool down. Enter: delicious cold treats full of taste and nutrients!

Check out 20 of our favorite cold treats perfect for long, hot days below!

Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Some people say mint chocolate chip ice cream is like eating toothpaste with chocolate chips in it, but I HIGHLY disagree.

This is a fan favorite for a good reason! And this particular kind is freshly homemade, which makes it extra delicious.

Frozen Whipped Coconut Limonade or Lemonade

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot day.

Not only is it a perfect combo of sour and sweet, but both lemons and limes have high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, which can help keep you hydrated when the sun is beating down!

Easy Peasy Kiwi Sorbet

This sweet kiwi sorbet is the perfect healthy cold treat for when you’re too hot for comfort and don’t want something super sweet.

Plus, kiwis have a bunch of health benefits, including vitamin C for hydration, fiber for easy digestion, serotonin to help with sleep, and are very heart healthy too!

Coconut Fruit Swirl Ice Pops

Coconut is another amazing food to implement into your diet, especially if you’re doing any kind of low card, paleo, or gluten-free diet.

Coconut is super low in carbs but high in fiber and healthy fats. It can help control blood sugar levels AND has antibacterial properties, too!

Strawberry Protein “Nice” Cream Cups

Clean Recipe Strawberry Protein Nice Cream Cups

Strawberries may just be the quintessential summertime fruit!

These tasty faux ice cream cups are made with just bananas, strawberries, your choice of milk, and protein powder, so you can feel energized AND cooled down this summer.

Orange Creamsicle Homemade Ice Cream

We all know oranges are high in vitamin C, which not only helps with hydration, as we mentioned before, but also helps support a healthy immune system.

Plus, oranges can help promote a healthy heart and can even help prevent anemia. Basically, oranges are the best and even better in homemade ice cream!

Watermelon Sorbet

Maybe I was wrong – maybe watermelon is the quintessential summertime fruit.

Because of their high water content, they’re a great fruit to snack on to help keep you hydrated throughout the summer months and stay functioning at your best.

Also, watermelons contain citrulline, an amino acid that can help blood vessels expand and lower blood pressure.

Tropical Smoothie Bowls with Spirulina

Tropical Smoothie Bowls with Spirulina CleanFoodCrush

Not only are these smoothie bowls made in literal pineapples, but they also contain spirulina, blue-green algae that can be consumed by humans and animals – and should be!

Spirulina has LOTS of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. It can promote good heart health, eye health, and a balanced immune system. 

Frozen Yogurt Berry Bites

Frozen Yogurt Berry Bites and Smoothie Prep

These frozen yogurt bites are the perfect quick snack when you need a pick-me-up but don’t want to feel drowsy. Plus, you can also use these as a quick smoothie prep!

Chocolate Chip Banana “Ice Cream” Cups

Clean Eats Chocolate Chip Banana Ice Cream Cups

Craving cookie dough but don’t want all that sugar to bring you down before the day’s end?

Try these delicious cookie dough dupes – chocolate chip banana cups!

They’re full of good nutrients from the bananas and that little hint of sweetness from the chocolate.

Ice-cold Summer Drinks

Staying hydrated during the summer is super important – heat exhaustion is real, y’all!

These ice-cold drinks – coconut raspberry & cucumber spa – are GREAT for barbecues, pool parties, graduation parties, you name it.

Keep your guests satisfied!

Mixed Berry Sorbet

If food presentation is important to you, these berry sorbet bowls are a perfect choice!

The berry mixture gives the sorbet a bright pinky-red color, and the berry garnishments give some fun pops of blue and deep purple.

Frozen Watermelon Pops

Want a ridiculously easy frozen treat for your kids to enjoy, especially when they invite all their friends over?

Just get a watermelon, cut it into slices, put a popsicle stick in the rind, and pop it into the freezer. And voila – a super quick, easy treat with no hassle!

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Love the summer but already craving the flavors of fall?

Try pumpkin ice cream! It’ll keep you cooled off in a pinch but will give you the nostalgia of cooler times to come.

Plus, pumpkin is good for vision, immune health, and may even reduce the risk of cancer.

Dark Chocolate Watermelon

Dark Chocolate Watermelon Clean Eating Recipe

These are not only delicious but super healthy for you!

In addition to the hydration you get with watermelon, this scrumptious fruit contains many nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A and C, all of which are known to promote good heart health.

Also, studies show that dark chocolate can improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease when consumed moderately.

REAL Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pops

CleanFoodCrush Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pops

If you’re looking for a fun activity to enjoy with your kids, try making these frozen yogurt pops!

You can buy plastic or silicone molds from Walmart or Amazon, and the rest is up to you. Berries, bananas, pineapple – whatever you want, mix it with some yogurt, freeze, and enjoy!

Simple Chocolate Nice Cream Cups

Chocolate ice cream is a staple ice cream treat but not always the healthiest choice.

These chocolate “nice” cream cups are a great alternative!

Made with bananas, almond milk, cacao powder, and even protein powder if you want, these are sure to be a family favorite with no guilt!  

For more information on cocoa and cacao, check out this article!

Tropical Coconut Popsicles

Celebrate our yearly gift of long sunshine and adventure-filled days with these delicious and real fruit pops! You can also create your own version with what you have on hand or to cater to your family’s taste buds.

There are several great ingredients in the popsicles, including chia seeds which have many health benefits that may promote heart health, support strong bones, and improve blood sugar management.

Frozen Banana Pops

Frozen Banana Pops Ingredients

Just like the watermelon pops, these banana pops are cute and tasty AND can be covered in chocolate and nuts.

These would be great at a “create your own” banana bar, so feel free to get creative and make frozen pops that your family will love!

Honeydew Melon Sorbet

Honeydew melon is another tasty, nutritious fruit that’s perfect to snack on during those long hot days.

Honeydew is full of nutrients that can help with bone health, can help reduce blood pressure, can help control blood sugar, and can even help boost your immune system! So, not only super tasty, this sorbet is great for your overall health!

Summer can be a very enjoyable time for friends and family to gather together and enjoy the weather and each other’s company. While the days can get hot, we have the perfect, healthy treats to keep everyone hydrated, cooled off, and, most importantly, satisfied.

Try some of these yummy treats, and let me know which is your favorite!

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