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18Mar, 21
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Whole Foods Shopping Masterlist

Do you ever walk into a grocery store and feel completely lost and overwhelmed? If you do, you’re not alone! I get many messages and questions about shopping at different grocery stores and what they should buy or avoid at that specific store. 

So, I thought I’d put together a few guides to the most popular grocery stores. First up, Whole Foods!

There are about five-hundred Whole Foods stores in the U.S., so chances are there’s one near you. If it’s a bit of a drive, you may want to make the most of your trip when you can go. Even if the closest store is right around the corner, it’s always helpful to head there with a game plan.

Tips for Budget Shopping

SALES! Yes, this may be obvious, but it’s essential for budget shopping. And while the prices at Whole Foods can be higher, you can still find some deep discounts! Look for those signs and try to integrate what’s on sale into your weekly menu.

FROZEN PRODUCE. Whole Foods tends to have an excellent variety of frozen fruits and vegetables that are more affordable than the fresh counterparts. There are many benefits to buying frozen produce, one of which is it’s easier on the wallet.

BULK! Head over to the bulk bins at Whole Foods for grains, nuts, dried fruits, etc. These are cheaper than name-brand and reduce waste!

365 EVERYDAY VALUE. If you didn’t know, Whole Foods’ private label offers countless products throughout the year at the lowest prices. Check these out, and maybe you’ll find the 365 Everyday Value diapers, shampoo, or organic foods are cheaper than your usual brand – with similar quality. 

PRIME. Did you know that prime members get an extra 10% off items with the yellow sale signs? They also get additional weekly deals, free delivery and pick up (in certain ZIP codes), and earn 5% back when shopping with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card.

Tips for Smarter Shopping

SAMPLE. Whole Foods has a “try before you buy” policy, meaning you can try almost any product before purchasing. Let an employee know you want to sample, and they’ll open it right there for you to taste! 

CUSTOM CUTS. Seriously, Whole Foods employees will cut almost anything for you. According to their website, they will “custom cut and debone your fish, peel your shrimp, and crack your crab at no charge.” (This is all done by a professional!) PLUS, they have butchers to cut any meat, and employees will trim produce for you if you ask (like if you only want half a watermelon if you want your cheese precut). 

SEASONAL. Shopping seasonal can save you money, and Whole Foods often offers limited-edition seasonal products, such as pumpkin spice granola or sugar plum lotion during the holidays. 

SALAD BAR. One of my favorite meal hacks is to visit the prepared foods bar at Whole Foods. It’s quick and easy to make a single-serving meal or load up on precut produce for a stir-fry meal later. 

BRING THE KIDS. Several Whole Foods locations have a “Kids Club,” which offers free snacks and is a good way to teach your children about healthy eating and to keep them satisfied while you shop. 

Let’s Get Shopping!

I highly suggest preparing your list before heading to the store so you know exactly what you need and the possibility of buying something unnecessary is lower. And planning ahead means you’ll have all the necessary ingredients for your weekly menus.

Feel free to make this list your own, but here are my must-haves! All the following are only available at Whole Foods, so be sure to grab your favorites the next time you visit. 

365 EVERYDAY VALUE Brand Foods:

Peanut Butter – I suggest this one Challenge members all the time because it has great ingredients, is delicious, and clean eating approved. Try one of these amazing recipes using your new peanut butter! 

Wild Caught Salmon Fillets – The frozen fillets are great because they last longer in the fridge but are still nutritious and delicious! Seriously, you’re going to love this salmon. Don’t know how to prepare it? Try this recipe

Riced Cauliflower – Again, getting this frozen will save you SO much time! Just grab the bag from the freezer and have a delicious carb-free dinner ready within minutes. (Honestly, any frozen produce can make your life so much easier!)

Broccoli Slaw – This one saves me so much effort and dime! I keep this one on hand to make super quick meals such as this one or to have it as a delicious side to a meal (you can use your previously mentioned salmon for a great pairing.)

Coleslaw Mix – If I’m being honest, this may be my most purchased item on the list! I use it all the time. It makes recipes such as the egg roll in a bowl incredibly easy while not sacrificing any taste! 

Short Grain Brown Rice – The natural texture and taste of this rice option is amazing and extremely popular. Grab this back along with the cauliflower rice and you’ll be set. Need a recipe? Try this one!

Cauliflower Crust Cheese Pizza – Yes, you can still enjoy pizza when you’re eating clean. Cauliflower is a serious lifesaver and this frozen pizza is an awesome time-saver if you can’t cook your own. 

Olive Oil – We use olive oil often at Clean Food Crush and Whole Foods has SO MANY INCREDIBLE flavors and olive oil options! They are all so pure and delicious. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments.

Coconut Oil – This is so versatile and can be used in countless healthy and creative ways. The 365 brand of coconut oil is delicious, nutritious, and, like the others on this list, exclusive to Whole Foods. 

Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk – The ingredients in this almond milk are pure, whole, and trust-worthy. If you’re looking for a non-dairy milk option, try this one!

Organic Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats – If you’ve never tried one of our CFC overnight oat recipes, you’re really missing out. So, grab some Whole Foods exclusive oats and try your favorite flavor or overnight oats!

Pumpkin Spice Organic YogurtPumpkin flavor foods are one of my favorite things and this unique yogurt is a DELICIOUS find unlike anything else. I bet you’ll love it! 

Organic Dark Maple Syrup – Yes, there is sugar in this, but less than other syrups or honey and the ingredients are straight-forward! Treat yourself with some syrup and maybe try a recipe like this one

Flax, Hemp, and Chia Seed – These are so healthy and beneficial and the Whole Foods brand is great if you don’t know what else to get! 

Strawberry Cereal Bars – Made with real fruits and whole grains, this is a great treat or a backup breakfast for those mornings with no time. So, if you can’t bake your own, try the bars at Whole Foods. 

Other Brands: 

Vital Farms Organic Eggs – These are very important here at CFC! We eat a lot of eggs, especially during our 30-day Challenge. And this brand of eggs are delicious and full of nutrients! 

Kite Hill “Cream Cheese” – Made from nuts, this is a great spread and Whole Foods is known to carry a large selection so you can grab your favorite! 

Health-Ade Kombucha – Since this is usually more expensive, keep an eye for when this is on sale because it’s delicious and great for gut-health.

Biena Chickpea Snacks – These aren’t super well-known but they are so good and a fun little treat. 

Dang Coconut Chips – Again, if you want to treat yourself, you have to try these chips! They make swearing off junk-food so much easier

Siete Cinnamon Churro Strips – Maid grain-free with coconut sugar (and avocado oil) these chips are delicious and a must-try. 

Real Food From the Ground Up Cauliflower Stalks – Another great snack option (with our favorite versatile veggie: cauliflower)! Let me know what you think about these “chips”.

Champagne Mangoes – Seriously. Life-changing. And only at Whole Foods. Just trust me and grab a few champagne mangoes to try (maybe in a fruit salad like this). 

One Degree Sprouted Ancient Whole Wheat Bread – With no refined sugars and all whole ingredients, this bread is one of our favorites if you’re going to get a loaf! It’s flavorful and organic and I bet you’ll love it.

Jovial Grain Free Pasta – We love zoodles at CFC but if you don’t have time or aren’t a fan, you can still enjoy pasta without all the carbs. Check out the 100% organic, gluten free, grain free, and paleo pasta at Whole Foods! 

Forager Cashew Milk Yogurt – My favorite is the protein yogurt but your local Whole Foods will probably have many different flavors, such as vanilla bean, blueberry, and strawberry! This organic yogurt is a great plant-based alternative if you’re dairy-free.

There you have it, a breakdown of your Whole Foods necessities. Feel free to make this list your own by crossing out items you don’t like and adding your favorites if I missed them.

What’s your favorite item to buy at Whole Foods? Drop your best recommendation in the comments! 

Heading to Whole Foods?  Put all that grocery goodness to good work and Join Our 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge!

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