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29Sep, 16

6 servings Ingredients: 3 bell peppers 1 lb chopped cooked turkey, or chicken breast 2 cups prepared/precooked quinoa 1 pint grape tomatoes, halved 4 cloves garlic, minced 1 large bunch fresh basil leaves, chopped Juice of a fresh squeezed lemon 1 Tbsp. avocado oil. or extra virgin olive oil sea salt and pepper to taste more »

28Sep, 16

There were so many questions about this post, hopefully I answer all of them here: Jars are KILNER brand, although any glass jar such as canning jars work GREAT for storage. The white stuff is protein powder. I like Jay Robb whey – use YOUR fave. Chocolate chips are Lily’s brand sweetened with stevia, found more »

25Sep, 16

Happy Sunday! Banana Split Breakfast Bar Decided to make today a bit more special. Sunday’s at home with family + friends are the best! What I did: (It’s really fun to set this up like a bar – where everyone can serve themselves) Split bananas in half carefully with a knife. Added 1/2 cup Greek more »

25Sep, 16

I took my favorite meatloaf recipe & made it crockpot friendly – you have got to try this week! Clean Comfort Food for Dinner! Ingredients: 6-7 bell peppers (use your favorite colors, depending on size, and how many will fit in your crockpot) 1 1/2 pounds lean grass-fed ground beef or turkey 1 whole egg more »

24Sep, 16

 My favorite Salmon🐟 I’m making this tonight along with a bunch of random roasted vegetables that needed to be used. If you Love Salmon & Love Curry- This is a MUST try!💯 (as easy as it gets to prepare!) 4 Servings: Ingredients:  4-4 oz salmon filets 1 pint grape tomatoes 2 Tbs olive oil 2 tsps more »

22Sep, 16

Set-up for a SUCCESSFUL week! ✔ Drink dispensers: Water + fresh lemon + mint Home brewed green tea + fresh mint ( Glass jars – large is KILNER brand smaller jar is Pier 1 ) I had fallen off the food prepping routine for the past few weeks, due to a lot of travel for work. more »

19Sep, 16

OMG…if you haven’t tried – you must! 😍 I’ve been food prepping all day! As you can see in my IG stories…do you find the video helpful? Ingredients: 2 Tbsps avocado oil, or extra-virgin olive oil 1 head green cabbage, cut into 1.5 inch wedges as shown 1 pinch garlic powder to taste (optional) 1 more »

18Sep, 16

“Life’s problems wouldn’t be called ‘hurdles’ if there wasn’t a way to get over them.” Clean Eating can bring with it quite a number of ‘hurdles’. Sometimes, it’s an internal struggle, other times difficulties can be caused by family members. A limited budget can also pose a big challenge. How do you stay on-track? What more »

17Sep, 16

Makes 15 bars Ingredients: Crust: 2 cups rolled oats (dry) I use gluten-free 1 cup sliced almonds 6 Tbsp raw honey, or pure maple syrup 2 Tbsps unrefined coconut oil 1 tsp sea salt 1.5 tsp cinnamon 2 medium bananas 2 tsp vanilla 1 scoop Vanilla Whey Protein Topping: 1/2 cup rolled oats (dry) gluten-free 1/4 cup more »

17Sep, 16

This is REALLY GREAT soup! Beautiful colors, nutritionally packed, warm & hearty for cold nights. Ingredients: 1 onion – diced 2 celery stalks – diced 3 carrots – diced 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic – minced 2 cups fresh zucchini – diced 2 cups green beans-cut 1 inch 1 bell pepper more »