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21Aug, 16

Have you gone grain-free but still want a crunchy, savory snack on the weekends? Try these out! They are SIMPLE & the whole fam loves em’😍 Preheat oven to 450 degrees f Ingredients: 4 medium yellow onions or 2 large sweet onions, sliced into 3/4 inch rings  1 cup almond meal/flour 1 tsp garlic powder more »

19Aug, 16

Diced avocado fell into my Peach salsa 😁 Chop some up & serve on fish tacos this weekend! Peaches are in season…and these flavors are amazing together! Makes 4 servings – double it! Ingredients: 3 fresh peaches, peeled + diced 1 jalapeno, seeded + minced 1/2 small red onion, minced 1/2 red bed pepper, diced more »

17Aug, 16

Made WITHOUT using any DAIRY or GRAINS! (and it’s REALLY GOOD!). I used coconut cream & almond flour in place of the traditional heavy cream & flour. Serves 4 Ingredients: 4 small chicken breasts, boneless, skinless sea salt and pepper to taste 1/4 cup almond or coconut flour 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 small yellow more »

16Aug, 16

Back-to-School time baby! Seriously my favorite time of year heading into Fall. Love getting re-organized & focused. I seem to do better in all areas of my life when I’m under ‘forced’ schedules. Anyone else? Sooo excited to post healthy lunch ideas, and family dinners these next few months (for YOU, and me 🙆! } more »

15Aug, 16
Fresh herb infused Quinoa Salad https://cleanfoodcrush.com/fresh-herb-infused-quinoa-salad

This was a happy accident tonight when I needed a salad for a party. The flavor makes the quinoa completely irresistible! Serves 4-6 Ingredients: 2 cups cooked quinoa 1 cup cooked green lentils, drained well 2 small cloves of garlic, minced very fine 4 Tbsp chopped green onions 3 ripe tomatoes, chopped 1 red bell more »

15Aug, 16
Cucumbers Pickles https://cleanfoodcrush.com/cucumbers-pickles

Refrigerator Pickles! {What to do with all of those Garden Cucs! Great on sandwiches, salads, or eaten straight as a side dish!} Ingredients: 8 large, fresh cucumbers 2 Tbsps. green bell pepper diced very small 3 tsp coarse kosher, or pickling salt Large sprig of fresh dill 1/2 Tbsp. celery seed 1/2 cup white, or more »

15Aug, 16
Fresh Tomato Sauce and Shrimp with Zoodles https://cleanfoodcrush.com/fresh-tomato-sauce-and-shrimp-w-zoodles

Flavorful, yet so SIMPLE – this one will become a go-to during the Summer months Serves 4-6 Ingredients: 8 plum tomatoes sea salt freshly ground black pepper 2 tsp. extra virgin olive oil 1.5 lbs shrimp (peeled & deveined) 1 clove garlic , peeled and finely chopped 1 lemon , both zest and juice 4 more »

13Aug, 16

Happy Weekend! 💗 Waffles – everyone’s FAVORITE meal of the week! All the flavor, & texture as the originals – without the refined sugar or grain! Makes 3 waffles Ingredients: 2 bananas 1 cup all-natural almond, or other nut butter 1 tsp melted unrefined coconut oil 2 large eggs 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract 1 more »

13Aug, 16

Kids ran downstairs asking “what smells so good? “ 6 servings Serve with a pickle & slice of watermelon! Ingredients: 3 yellow bell peppers, halved lengthwise as shown, and seeds removed 1 green bell pepper diced very small 1.5 lbs lean ground meat (grass fed beef, turkey, or bison) 1 medium onion diced very small more »

10Aug, 16

This is a regular at our house because it’s fast, and so good! 6 servings Preheat oven to 350 degrees Ingredients: 6 chicken breasts, pat dry 1 fresh lemon 1 large sliced red onion 1.5 cups natural marinated artichoke hearts Ingredients for dressing: 1/4 cup extra virgin olive, or avocado oil juice of 1 lemon more »